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Slice N Pour

Kit the Inventor

Many people dream about ways they can improve products but very few have the tenacity to turn that dream into a reality.  Through perseverance, Kit Keener turned his dream into reality by recently bringing his innovative cutting board to Amazon and retailers!

Kit’s story began right after he was married in 1981.  Kit has always been an avid cook and was frustrated with the everyday cutting boards.  There just weren’t many choices; the boards were flat and the only upgrade was a juice groove to minimize spilling to the counter.  The boards slid on the counter which made cutting challenging and also created a safety issue.   Cuttings fell off the back of the board, and juices still dripped on the counter.  The raised board was heavy and he was constantly picking it up to scrape the cuttings into a measuring cup or bowl.  Kit knew he could design a better cutting board.   Well two children came along and Kit kept busy as a landscaper, kitchen cabinet designer, and then in 1991 decided to become a home builder.  He started his own company outside of Knoxville and between the family and the business he never had time to develop that “new cutting board.”   18 years after Kit had the idea he finally took the first bold step and filed for US patents.  His design proved to be truly innovative.  As a result, two U.S. patents were awarded and he was on his way!

Perfecting the cutting board proved harder and took longer than Kit ever imagined.   Kit wanted a board that could be cleaned in a dishwasher so he selected plastic over wood.  Next came the challenge of finding a plastic that would not dull knives and stand up to repeated cutting without deep scarring.   Extended testing identified the ideal polypropylene.  Making it light and durable required a completely new concept and Kit developed a ribbed design that resulted in a raised board that is super strong and will never warp.   The measuring bowl simplifies cooking by providing a convenient reservoir for liquid or food as it is chopped    Altogether it took another 9 years of prototypes, molds, material selections and retailer challenges but the Slice n Pour is finally here!

Today, holiday and everyday cooking is made easier with Slice n Pour.  Its efficient size is good for the kitchen and is convenient for grilling, RV, camping and boating use.  It’s been said that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination.   Keener’s story proves the power of perseverance.  Thanks to his commitment to making a better cutting board, Slice n Pour is truly a cut above the rest!


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